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Fatima Rita Fahmy - A New Voice for Central Florida

Fatima Rita Fahmy is a lawyer and small business owner with deep roots in the Central Florida community. In 1970, at age 5, she moved with her parents from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was raised in Orlando. In this great country, she embraced the American values of freedom and opportunity for all. In Congress, she will bring an outsider’s perspective on how opportunity should be shared by all in our society.

Fatima worked in a London investment-banking firm and as a stockbroker in San Francisco and brings a global understanding and awareness to her public service. She speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese and runs her own law practice in downtown Orlando, focusing on marriage and family matters.

This combination of global awareness, financial expertise and legal experience is unique among the Democratic candidates running for Congress in Florida’s 10th district. Fatima believes that too many of our politicians are focused only on the next election and not on the everyday Americans who too often get left behind by a dysfunctional Washington, DC culture.

Fatima’s life story speaks to her deep understanding of what it takes for every single American to succeed. She understands the everyday struggle of working people.


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